Monday, 15 August 2016

Viki Sangre

How Can Overgrazing Lead To Soil Erosion | How to minimize Overgrazing?

When insufficient amounts of grass litter are left in the soil, the soil organisms die and then the soil loses fertility. If grass cover is sparse, raindrops erode the surface. It is a common practice that leads to desertification.

Conservation Grassland To Check Soil Erosion

Soil erosion threatens our agricultural use throughout the world. Soil can lose ts nutrients and soil biota. It can be damaged by water logging and compaction. Erosion is the visible part of degradation. In dry climates, wind blow is the main cause of erosion.

In Africa, soil erosion and degradation are due to overgrazing, whereas in North America it is due to agriculture. Again in Australia and New Zealand overgrazing is by far the largest contributor of soil erosion.

The devastation of Greece had two causes:

1. Deforestation
2. Overgrazing and over browsing by a multitude of uncontrolled goats who thrived on seedling trees.

North Africa once a granary of the Roman Empire, turned into a grassiness continent due to overgrazing. The major concern is, therefore, to protect our vegetal cover from grazing animals. As long as the processes which forms grasslands continue they are balanced semi-natural communities.

Minimize overgrazing effects on Environment by these practices:

  • Grow more of mat grass which is unpalatable to sheep.
  • Grow more of fine grass which sheep do not prefer to eat. 
  • A ground-hugging cushion grass e.g saxifrages conserve water and reduce exposure. Plant more of saxifrages. 
  • A part of the grassland can be planted with sheep's fescue, a grass species favored by sheep to allow controlled grazing. 
  • Avoid agricultural Intensification and indiscriminate use of agrochemicals in grasslands.
  • Encourage rotation grazing.
  • Extract fodders from wild grass cover.
  • Improved fodder grasses/shrubs/trees to be developed for improving soil moisture. 
  • Villagers should have few, but protective cattle.