Friday, 8 July 2016

Viki Sangre

What we need to learn about Environmental Science Studies? Hot Topics, Programs to stop Earth Environment from Degradation.

Environmental science is fundamentally cross-disciplinary in nature. No other science is enough deeply connected with our life of the widest cross section of people, viz-a-viz farmers, manufacturers, physicians, administrators, politicians, businessmen, students of all studies in the higher education such as architecture, medicine, public hygiene, forestry or pupils in the schools at all levels. People must be made aware of the deteriorating environment around our homes, hospitals, public places, water courses, theaters and about some of the wrongful human activity and lifestyle practices which have to change if we are to improve the quality of our environment and prevent our fast depleting natural resources, so vital to support life.

Why do we need to learn from Environmental Science Studies? We have promptly robbed off the global environment resources of fertile land, minerals, fossil fuels, air, water, wildlife, and biodiversities. We have an unflinching belief that only schoolchildren have a constructive role in improving our environment, which they could only do if they know about environmental principles, perspectives and issues and the causes of environmental.

Environmental Degradation Problem

The most important topic is Earth environment Degradation. Lots of programs have started with the possible means and ways to restore environmental quality that out factories, industries, chemicals are spoiling. We must not hesitate to believe that the wealth of the environment does not belong to only one region or country but to the people of whole earth and future generations also. Every citizen and every disciple need to play a role in improving the health status of the environment and also who must be informed of the present state of our environment of which we are now more accountable than ever before. 


Programs to save Environment

Lots of programs to save environment has been started from school level which enlightens the students about global efforts through international summits, like the 'Earth Summit', ‘Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change', ‘Kyoto Protocol’, 'Montreal Protocol' which are additional pieces of information to enrich their knowledge.

At the end, our responsibility towards future Generation

Human beings are fairly responsible and that there is a need to protect and preserve the quality of our natural resources both for the present generation and as trustees of the future generations. Some responsibilities need to be taken on the shoulders for the future generation so that they can live healthful life in the environment.