Sunday, 10 July 2016

Viki Sangre

How to create Natural Green Funeral Burial Sites/Grounds? Eco-friendly Biodegradable Coffins

Tips To create eco-friendly funeral sites

  • Avoid using burial as a disposal method if a shallow water exists, less than 6 feet in depth.
  • Cover the carcasses with at least 6 inches of compacted soil.
  • Do not use highly reactive chemicals to prevent decomposition.
  • Protect obsequies site, to avoid disturbance from equipment or animals. 
  • Composting - Maintain a complete cover of sawdust or other bulking agents.
  • Ground compost facilities to allow for 24-hours, all weather access.
  • Establish an impermeable base.
  • Protect compost piles from precipitation.
  • Provide for leachate and run-off control.
  • Use appropriate cleaning procedures on transportation vehicles.
  • Maintain suitable access to composting material (sawdust) storage. 
These steps will help you to create green funeral sites for dead animals and help them to decompose with the most natural way to create natural burial grounds.

 Avoid these practices, an invitation for diseases..

Green Ecofriendly Coffins - 

 Let you're beloved decomposed in a most natural way. Use eco-friendly biodegradable coffins, try to use which decompose in a quick time.